Luxury Las Vegas Hotels

Luxury Las Vegas Hotels

by Nathaniel Richardson on

Las Vegas is a city in the US that lies in the State of Nevada. It is found in the county of Clark. The Las Vegas region covers an area of about 340 sq. Kms. According to the US Census Bureau, the Las Vegas region had a population of over 3 Million with the metro area having over 1.8 Million and the urban area having over 1.3 Million people in 2008. It is the most populous city in the State of Nevada.

The Las Vegas city is re-known for its reputation of entertainment, gambling and shopping. The Las Vegas city prides itself as the world’s entertainment center. The city is surrounded by dry mountains with the remaining areas being dry and rocky, wonderful to set your eyes on while driving in a hired car . The city itself is however well tendered with beautiful lawns full of trees.

Las Vegas has many casinos that are mainly found downtown along Fremont Street that is also famous for the number of bars present. The city’s economy relies mainly in tourism and gaming, with several companies specializing in the manufacturer of gaming machines found here. Other economic activities include retail and hospitality industries. Other manufacturing industries are also to be found in the city.

The city of Las Vegas continues to experience increase in its population. This has made the construction industry busy over the years with the establishment of new housing units to meet the high demand. Such construction is not limited only to residential hosing needs but hotels and resorts as well. The construction industry provides thousands with sustained employment.

Las Vegas hotels are not just ordinary hotels as they incorporate casinos as well. The hotels cover large areas to cater for accommodation, dinning and casino needs. However, there are some hotels and casinos that operate single businesses. Although most hotels and casinos are to be found in the city’s downtown, some are located outside the city, providing for peace and comfort. Those that are found outside the city are mainly frequented by visitors on business trips.

The Las Vegas Boulevard is the main area of activities that operate round the clock. It is here that the earlier gambling games developed. These areas are frequented by locals and foreign visitors alike as it brings out the true Las Vegas life.

The Las Vegas city does not offer any meaningful tourism attraction in the sense but receives thousands of tourists annually, with the major tourism attraction being the casinos.

The city does not have any major sports activities. Instead, minor sports activities organized by locals are what one can experience. However, the city has several recreational facilities that the locals and visitors alike use to refresh themselves. Such include the Las Vegas Springs Preserve recreational and educational center and the Floyd Lamb State Park.

With thousands of tourists and visitors who visit Las Vegas city annually, the need for dining, entertainment and accommodation is of great necessity and Las Vegas city has plenty of these. The Las Vegas hotels are some of the best in the world, offering all that a visitor may require. These hotels are not only well furnished but the service rendered is comparable to any top class hotels in the world.