Infuse Lawsuit

Infuse Lawsuit

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Infuse Bone Graft patients who were promised repairs to their spinal problems instead got host of new complications as a result of this faulty medical device. Today, patients by the thousands are facing cancer, long-term nerve damage and abnormal bone growth after an apparent disregard for patient safety.Welcome to your Infuse Bone resource guide. From medical information to legal assistance, we will help you fight for what you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. We are the online headquarters for Infuse Bone information and strive to provide the most accurate and up-to-date medical and legal resources. Our skilled staff utilizes all of its sources to provide up-to-date information on cutting-edge medical therapies. We have caring professionals who provide emotional support and legal experts to help resolve your financial questions.

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Infuse Bone Graft

Introduced in 2002 by the Minnesota-based Medtronic, Infuse is a synthetic protein that was developed to grow like normal bone and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to repair very specific lower spine problems. The liquid bone-growth agent is soaked into a tiny sponge, placed into a thimble-sized cage and surgically implanted into the lower back area to fuse spinal sections together for a repair of degenerative disc diseases. Instead of harvesting bone or using cadaver bone to make this repair, Infuse was aimed at making these fixes easier and more efficient. The device is also FDA approved for a limited number of oral surgical procedures.

Despite the FDA restrictions on the device’s applications, scores of surgeons have used it in off-label procedures, including cervical (neck) spine surgeries. Some medical experts charge that Medtronic paid a group of prominent spine surgeons to praise the off-label uses and encourage other doctors to follow suit. Today, federal drug regulators and a congressional committee are evaluating the claims and reviewing the options.

Infuse Off-Label Uses (neck and other areas)

In using the device off-label, patients have been exposed to a number of medical problems that have never been investigated through clinical trials or other means. Inserting the material into the neck area has resulted in numerous injures and deaths, the FDA said. Some patients have suffocated to death because of Infuse throat swelling and airway restrictions.

Infuse Bone Graft Complications

Medtronic is also facing charges that it altered the results of original clinical trials to make the device seem safer than it really is. Studies now show the device, when used as originally approved, is linked to radiating leg pain, nerve damage and retrograde ejaculation. It is also linked to cancer and uncontrolled bone growth.

Infuse Lawsuits

With an estimated 100,000 patients a year undergoing on- and off-label Infuse procedures since it was introduced, the court system has been inundated with patients seeking claims. Learn if you can receive compensation by filling out our free case evaluation.