Common sleep problems

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There is a staggering percentage of people that have trouble falling asleep at night, and there is a variety of causes that can lead to sleep problems. Sleep problems are categorized into numerous types, but some of the most common causes have been enlisted below.

Common sleep problems:

Some common sleep problems are:

  • The most common of all sleep problems experienced by people of all ages is known as insomnia, which is the inability to maintain or gain consistent sleep.
  • Improper circadian rhythms. This means that a person can fall asleep at any time of the day, and during any activity, except during the night. This may include sleeping during work, studies etc
  • Improper breathing or low respiratory rate during sleep. This is also a very common problem because many people experience difficulty in breathing while lying down, and may also awaken from sleep due to shortness of breath.
  • Improper routines, whereby a person sleeps during the day and therefore experiences difficulty in sleeping at night
  • Night terrors, these are nightmares, usually experienced by children that keep them awake at night.
  • Sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is also experienced by a huge percentage of people, many of which even experience hallucinations (visual or auditory)
  • Sleep apnea
  • Habits such as bruxism or night grinding of the teeth.
  • RLS or the Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Phobias and nightmares etc.

How to overcome sleep problems?

One of the most effective ways of overcoming most of the sleep problems is by maintaining a regular pattern of sleep. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep at night is essential for health, development and proper functioning of the body and its systems.

If you have any sleep secrets, please post here. Sleep problems is common in toddlers, babies and adults. You can overcome children sleep problem easily by following proper guidelines from your doctor.

Various reason contributes to sleep problem too including but not limited to adhd, autism, menopause , alcoholism, anxiety. Get help with your sleep problem before it gets worst

Written by: Nathaniel Richardson