Home Remedies to Silky Hair

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If you want to know how to get silky hair naturally then you can save money and time on home remedies which are natural, rather than spending money on hair products and hair appliances. With natural remedies you can create a lot more shine than you thought, keeping your hair happy and healthy. The first key to knowing how to get silky hair naturally is using the right hair brush at the right time.

Home Remedies to Silky Hair

Generally, you brush your hair right after you finish showering. However, doing this can cause the hair to break more than if you brush it when it is dry. Therefore, you can get silky hair naturally by only brushing your hair once it is dry. If you must brush your hair when it is wet then you should only brush with a wide-toothed comb. When you brush your hair when it is dry, then you should use a boar bristle brush. This will help to smooth the hair and naturally distribute the oils in your hair.

Another way you can know how to get silky hair naturally is to wash it less. When you wash your hair you remove the natural shine. This is especially true when you wash it each day. When you wash your hair, use a shampoo without sodium lauryl sulfate. This ingredient will make your hair tangled and dry it out. If you rinse your hair with cold water you can also seal moisture into it which will provide a naturally silky feel and look.

Eggs In Your Hair

Another way to naturally get silky hair is to add instant shine from a home remedy. You can mix one egg to two tablespoons of mayonnaise and mix it into your hair. Let it rest for ten to twenty minutes, then rinse it out. Condition your hair as normal after this to get rid of smell and when your hair dries, it will be silkier and softer.

Protein: what exactly is it??

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Protein is a macronutrient that is composed of a sequence of amino acids that the body must attain in order to perform its daily functions. Essentially, protein is the most important class of macronutrient (among carbohydrates, fats and itself), since the body needs it for formation of all structural components, including muscle skin and organs. Also often overlooked is its importance in formation of haemoglobin in blood, antibodies, and many important enzymes and hormones.

The way protein makes all these cellular components is directly related to the amino acids contained within it. Amino acids are the subunits, that when combined form certain types of protein. For example, the amino acids contained in fish, is vastly different from the amino acid sequence in beans.  There are twenty naturally occurring amino acids, being classified as essential and non-essential. Essential, because these are the types the body cannot manufacture, so they must be obtained from the diet and non-essential because the body may convert another type to it. Today there are nine essential amino acids; foods containing all of these are referred to as complete proteins. Typically, meats possess all nine essential amino acids and are thus classified as complete. On the other hand, many vegetable sources do not, and only when combined with another vegetable source may supply all essential amino acids.

 where does protein come from?

The first thing many persons think of when they hear protein is meat. Indeed, this is a good correlation, since meats are the best source of protein, providing the highest amount per serving as well as mostly being a complete source. However, many nuts and grains, and dairy products are good sources as well. In fact, if meats were the only source, all vegetarians would cease to exist, due to development of wasting syndrome, which is triggered by insufficient protein consumption to support cell repair and growth.

Nowadays, proteins are not only sourced from whole foods, but also readily available in supplemental form. These supplemental forms may include pills and powders, although if quantity and cost are important, powders would be considered the best choice.

Effects of protein

Many “nutritionists” associate overconsumption of protein with an array of side-effects, ranging from elevated cholesterol levels to kidney damage and even compromised bone strength (osteoporosis). Now, while these concerns do merit some thought, these effects only manifest themselves in susceptible individuals. Obviously a person leading a sedentary lifestyle, while eating copious amounts of beef will most likely develop a cholesterol problem, in addition to most likely being overweight. Likewise, a person with kidney damage consuming too much will predispose himself to kidney damage too, but it is inappropriate to demonize protein as bad for all. In fact, the recommended daily dosage is just enough for your body to carry on its daily functions, and hardly sufficient for hard training athletes.

All in all, protein is a very important part of our diet, one that will remain so until time indefinite, and if manipulated correctly, can provide a world of benefit with little to no cost

Common sleep problems

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There is a staggering percentage of people that have trouble falling asleep at night, and there is a variety of causes that can lead to sleep problems. Sleep problems are categorized into numerous types, but some of the most common causes have been enlisted below.

Common sleep problems:

Some common sleep problems are:

  • The most common of all sleep problems experienced by people of all ages is known as insomnia, which is the inability to maintain or gain consistent sleep.
  • Improper circadian rhythms. This means that a person can fall asleep at any time of the day, and during any activity, except during the night. This may include sleeping during work, studies etc
  • Improper breathing or low respiratory rate during sleep. This is also a very common problem because many people experience difficulty in breathing while lying down, and may also awaken from sleep due to shortness of breath.
  • Improper routines, whereby a person sleeps during the day and therefore experiences difficulty in sleeping at night
  • Night terrors, these are nightmares, usually experienced by children that keep them awake at night.
  • Sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is also experienced by a huge percentage of people, many of which even experience hallucinations (visual or auditory)
  • Sleep apnea
  • Habits such as bruxism or night grinding of the teeth.
  • RLS or the Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Phobias and nightmares etc.

How to overcome sleep problems?

One of the most effective ways of overcoming most of the sleep problems is by maintaining a regular pattern of sleep. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep at night is essential for health, development and proper functioning of the body and its systems.

If you have any sleep secrets, please post here. Sleep problems is common in toddlers, babies and adults. You can overcome children sleep problem easily by following proper guidelines from your doctor.

Various reason contributes to sleep problem too including but not limited to adhd, autism, menopause , alcoholism, anxiety. Get help with your sleep problem before it gets worst

HGH Advanced Side Effects

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Aging is a natural process which everyone must undergo at some point. When you age, your body sees many changes. Despite being a natural process, many people do not enjoy the thought of aging and prefer to utilize methods which can help to offset the process or counter the results of the aging process. HGH Advanced is one of the newest products on the market which caters to decreasing the aging process.

HGH Advanced Side Effects

As you get older, your body produces less human growth hormone which causes the body to change and slowly break down. With HGH Advanced you can counter the effects of aging by increasing the amount of human growth hormone contained within your system. Human growth hormone is known as one of the most effective treatments for aging. Human growth hormone is responsible for making bones grow, cartilages grow, and muscles grow. This is why many athletes turn to human growth hormone injections to keep their bodies fit enough to continue under duress for many years.

Everyone, not just athletes can benefit from increased levels of human growth hormone. However, synthetic human growth hormone is dangerous as well as illegal. HGH Advanced is a natural supplement which is safe and legal. Using this you can increase your body’s natural levels of human growth hormone while avoiding a synthetic product. This natural supplement offers a safe anti-aging treatment.

Does HGH Advanced Safe?

When you use HGH Advanced to naturally increase the levels of human growth hormone in your body you benefit in a handful of ways. The first is that you have more stamina which makes you stronger. You can enjoy tighter and smoother skin while eliminating wrinkles. You will increase your sex drive and enjoy better vision. Of all the products which can offer anti-aging treatment, this is one of the most effective and one of the safest treatments available on the market today.

The Sanctuary walk-in shower bath

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The problem for many people as they get older is getting in and out of your old bath. Anyone suffering from such conditions as rheumatism, physical impairment or just plain stiffness from the rigors of life, would love to have a system that makes bathing a pleasure again.

A walk in bath may be the answer as a replacement for your tired old tub. The Sanctuary was designed to be the premier care in bathing and replace any problems you previously had by providing working solutions.

This shower bath system includes many features that are specifically geared towards assisting people with movement problems. It was awarded an Ease of Use commendation from the Arthritis Foundation after being tested by people with a variety of health conditions.

One of the special features of the Sanctuary is a low entrance, inward opening door. This is ideal if you cannot raise your feet far from the ground or if you use a wheelchair and need to ease yourself into the bath area.

The door has been designed to be totally leak proof and guaranteed, so you won’t have worries about water escaping across your floor.

There is a Hydrovesent System for controlling your flow, slip resistant seat, optional shower canopy and easy glide riser for adjusting the height of your shower head. And also very importantly, Grab bars for ease of lifting yourself.

The sign of a good product and service is the testimonials from people who have replaced their bath with a Sanctuary walk in bath. It seems from reading them that most have considered their investment to be one of the best things they did.

Bath time has now become a pleasure, in fact not always easy for those waiting their turn when someone finds it irresistible and difficult to leave. There is also high praise for the workmen who come to fit the units. Comments such as pleasant, nothing too much trouble, worked tirelessly and efficiently are numerous.

Don’t worry about everything fitting into the same space as your old system that is all taken care of by the designers who will discuss everything with you first. It may be that you require a corner unit or wall facing, you may want specific width depending on your needs, and all this will be considered. The perfect replacement will be installed quickly but efficiently and you can then relax in your new bath.

Vacations At Luxurious Las Vegas Hotel

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A hotel is a place that provides paid accommodation for usually a short time period. When we think about the term “Hotel”, there comes a sight of a bedroom consisting of well-maintained bed, an air-conditioner, a TV and some other basic facilities. But, now the picture has changed. There is an addition of a word, which is “Luxury”. Now such luxurious hotels have much to offer. The luxurious hotels provide best accommodation one could imagine. The luxuries of such hotels may include, very spacious and well-maintained rooms, royal suites, best possible entertainment facilities, high speed internet connectivity, swimming pools, childcare centers, fitness clubs, shops, restaurants, convention rooms, theatres, ballrooms, and large gaming areas including royal casinos.

When we think about the luxurious hotels, the first name that comes in the mind straight away, is of Las Vegas, Nevada. Nineteen out of world’s twenty five biggest hotels are located in Las Vegas, on the Las Vegas Boulevard, which is also called The Las Vegas Strip. Las Vegas has more hotel rooms than any other city in the world. This totals about 150,000 hotel rooms, which is a huge number. The hotels located here, are some of the most luxurious hotels of the world. One could expect a vacation of the lifetime from this city as it provides the best holiday packages anyone could find. Las Vegas is also known as the gambling capital of the world, as there are a number of casinos present there. Las Vegas has the largest concentration of casinos in the United States with about $6.12 Billion in revenue. Most of these casinos are attached to the luxurious hotels.

Previously known as Marina Hotel, the MGM Grand, the second largest hotel of the world and the second largest hotel resort complex of the United States, was opened in December 1993. It has a total of 5,825 rooms and a total gaming area of 171,500 sq.ft. The suites here varies form 446 sq feet to as large as 9,000 sq ft, that is of the MGM Grand Mansion. It has some finest facilities for its tourists. Some of the notable restaurants here include, Joel Rabuchon, Emeril’s, Nobhill, Crafsteak, Fiamma, etc. The hotel was renovated in the year 2005.

The Venetian, another name in the Resort industry of Las Vegas, is matchless. It is the largest Hotel Resort Complex of the United States of America. The Venetian Hotel and Casino is prominent for its unique look. The lobby is decorated with Italian marble, throughout the hotel, which conveys the charm and pleasure of Venice. It has over 4,000 luxurious rooms and its casino covers an area of over 120,000 sq. ft. More than 70 restaurants and shops are located in the Grand Canal Shoppes, a themed mall. The Venetian and Grand Canal Shoppes have the various dining options. Delmonico Steakhouse, Canaletto, Zeffirino, The Grill at Valentino, Tintoretto’s, Royal Star, Noodle Asia, Postrio, Pinot Brasserie, Valentino, Tsunami Asian Grill, Lutèce and Bouchon are some notables.

Owned by the MGM Hotels International, Hotel Mandalay Bay, is even a favorite, of many of the tourists. Its a luxurious Tropical Themed resort on the strip. A $40 million aquarium, The Shark Reef, covering more than 90,000 square feet that holds more than 1.5 million gallons of seawater and 100 species of animals, is the major attraction to the hotel.

Caesar’s Palace, often said as the quintessential Vegas resort, is also well-known for its luxury. Strip’s main attractions: a shopping/dining/entertainment mall called The Forum Shops is located in the Caesar’s Palace.

Some other well-known hotels and resorts present on the strip are, The oldest hotel still n operation; Flamingo, Monte Carlo, The Mirage, Luxor, Treasure Island, Sahara, Tropicana, Harrah’s, Circus, Imperial Palace, Excalibur, Bellagio, Golden Nugget etc.

Las Vegas provides some of the best opportunities for the tourists in search of vacation pleasure. With such luxurious hotels, it has much to offer, which leads to outstanding holiday recreations.

Medtronic Infuse Side Effects

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From mild side effects to life-threatening ones, the Medtronic Infuse Bone Graft device has been linked to medical complications that result from the repeated and continued improper use of the device.In fact, the device’s manufacturer has been accused of promoting this off-label use and putting an increasing number of patients at a high risk of death. Investigators say that Medtronic paid prominent spinal surgeons to promote off-label Infuse treatments as a means to sell more products.

Even though the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the device for a handful of medical procedures, including lower back spinal fusion, the device has been used in an array of surgeries. The most common off-label use is repairs to the cervical (neck) spinal area.

Worse yet, the company is also accused of falsifying medical trials to make it seem as though proper use of the device is safe. In fact, some studies are now pointing to an increased risk of cancer and other life-threatening diseases from normal Infuse use.

Infuse Bone Graft Injures

Infuse, a manmade human bone protein, is FDA approved for surgical patients with the most severe lower back problems, called degenerative disc disease, and only two dental bone-graft procedures. This liquid protein is placed on an absorbent material and then housed inside a thimble-sized metal cage. The device is then surgically implanted on existing bone. As it grows additional bone, it serves as scaffolding for existing skeleton. But doctors, reportedly under the advisement of Medtronic, have been using the device outside the FDA’s guidelines.

Off-label Side Effects

In 2008, the FDA warned doctors that using the device in the cervical spine area, which is considered off-label, causes severe breathing problems. This results from an increased risk of neck and throat swelling which could compress the airway. Some of the cases result in emergency tracheotomies or death. The device is known to trigger an immune response, which could cause the body to attack its own cells.

Infuse has also been linked to a variety of different cancers. While the medical community is still undecided about whether the bone-growth protein inhibits or stimulates cancer-cell growth, research shows that Infuse is linked to nearly a dozen different types of cancer, including blood, bone and uterine cancers.

Side Effects Not Disclosed

Even though Medtronic touts that the device has few, if any, severe side effects if used according to the label, new research shows that the company simply hasn’t report any problems to the FDA. The Spine Journal, a leading industry periodical, said the company paid several prominent spinal surgeons millions of dollars to coauthor 13 medical journal articles that praised the device. The periodical also says that the doctors were paid between $12 million and $16 million per study.

When the doctors for the periodical performed their own studies, they found the device is linked to increases in leg pain and numbness, infection rates, male sterility and radiating nerve pain. The approved use of this device is also linked to cancer, uncontrolled bone growth and retrograde ejaculation, a disorder that redirects semen into the bladder instead of out the urethra.

While Medtronic denies any such cozy ties or improprieties, the U.S. Senate Finance Committee is continuing an investigation.

Pelvis bleeding due to implementation of Transvaginal mesh

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Transvaginal mesh or in short TVM implants are done in a woman who is suffering from POP i.e. pelvic organ prolapsed and SUI i.e. stress urinary incontinence. The method is not clinically correct and hence there is a lot of debate about using the same. Many cases have been registered against it because of the side effects it has caused. Pertaining to that FDA issued a guideline about TVM`s use.

The Problem

The treatment to Prolapsed pelvic organ and Stress urinary incontinence earlier was bit tough. The process used to treat was not that better but no side effect cases were reported. Companies like Johnson started their research and invented TVM. The problem was they have not done many clinical tests. Implantation started but soon the reports proved that this is not the best way. Earlier in 2008 FDA in response to that issued a statement stating that the earlier methods of POP and SUI treatments were good and that should be practiced.

The problems reported were not of the same type. Some reported to have faced problems during intercourse. It is not only the woman who is experiencing the problem but also the man. The perforation of the bladder is the other major reported problem.

The recall action

The FDA in 2011 issued notification to stop using the TVM. The transvaginal mesh recall has been started by most of the manufacturers in response to that. They believe that more clinical research needs to be done on the product before it is introduced in the market. There are help lines where the problems related to the TVM are reported. You have to mention the type of problem you were facing along with the details of Prolapsed pelvic organ or Stress urinary incontinence.

The warnings from FDI have resulted for the halt of TVM products. They are now not sold by the manufacturers. The recall process is pretty quick to prevent further damage. The TVM victims are all hoping to get further legal assistance for their cases. The pelvis bleeding cases are considered to be the worst sufferers. Transplantation side effects can be so disastrous are still unimaginable by them. Hope the recall is fast to prevent further damage.